Isobel Gunn  Appreciate  your efforts Joe and well done!.  We definitely need representation on  this and I hear you and agree our individual complaints are falling on  deaf ears. Here is a copy of the message I sent myself on this issue  March 2016 and subsequent response from Mark Southern.Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2016 8:28 PM
To: Mark Southern Mark.Southern@aircanada.ca
Subject: Employee travel priorities

Mr. Southern,

There  is a petition circulating advising that certain members of reservations  have been allotted C1/J10 passes. I am hoping this is misinformation  and would appreciate your comments with respect to this.
I  am a >30 year employee, now retired, and have noticed in the past 2  years it is becoming increasingly more difficult to travel on a regular  travel pass.  I worked long and hard for this benefit and am distressed  that  boarding priorities have been changed, or awarded, with little  thought to folks like me, who are now retired, but devoted their working  lives to Air Canada.
It is a sad day when this travel  benefit is awarded for anything other than seniority.  I am sure most   employees  feel they work hard and are deserving of recognition.   It is  my opinion that no department or person  should be recognized with  upgraded passes for good work, or for simply the  area/department/position they work.  There are many other rewards that  can be given to recognize employees other than upgraded pass priorities.   This type of reward is disrespectful to the many hard working AC  employees and retirees who, for whatever reason, fail to be recognized.
Thank you for reading this email.  I look forward to hearing your response.


Dear Ms. Gunn,

A  few short weeks ago Air Canada sat down with UNIFOR, (the Union that  represents our Customer Service agents at the airport and in call  centers) with an eye to look at common ground on how we could work more  closely together to support our growth strategy. These discussions were  extremely successful and as a result, our senior executive team has  rewarded this group of employees with a gift of C1 passes. The new  relationship now reflects a similar arrangement that exists with our  other Union groups who have also received a gift of passes.

It  is exciting days at Air Canada with unprecedented growth, new aircraft  and regular announcements of new destinations. Our active employees and  their Union representation have all agreed to long term relationships  which sets us up nicely for the future and allows us to focus on working  together to keep growing Air Canada while remaining profitable. At the  same time our Customers keep on flying Air Canada!! We continue to  experience very high load factors which does make it difficult to travel  on standby.

As a long time employee I  truly appreciate the contribution of those who dedicated their careers  to Air Canada. However, I do respectfully disagree that it is  inappropriate providing a gift passes to active employees. In light of  unprecedented collective agreements which will help make Air Canada  successful for many years to come and I believe it is the right thing to  do!!

We are all very excited about the future at Air Canada and are looking forward to the growth ahead!!

All the best,


   Isobel Gunn 

I  like the new website Joe. I hope this will encourage more active and  retired  union / non union employees to contribute the nominal fee of  $50 to assist with the legal fees to fight and win  our DOJ boarding  entitlement.  Those who have still to contribute need to ask themselves  "what is my boarding priority worth to me?" 



The  Air Canada Pionairs’ mission is to preserve our aviation heritage,  maintain close friendships, foster a spirit of mutual aid, support the  welfare of the membership and promote Air Canada.
The Company has repeatedly stressed that this is NOT a negotiable item and in fact was a "gift" awarded for sacrifices.

FRT  - Free & Reduced Travel is listed in the Corporate Publication  Manuals as an employment benefit of Canada's National Flag Carrier and  lodged and logged under the AC-PPA.

Further AC has  always advertised and promoted the "benefit" of employee travel as a  "perk/privilege" to attract new hires to a career in our airline  industry.

In the environment of the competitive  1990s, B2/JSAs were gifted to Travel Agencies for generating good sales  for AC. It cause an uproar and did not last that long and after a revue  was soon discontinued.

The C1/J10's were introduced  during CCAA Concession Bargaining in the 2000's gifted for the pains,  initially to active employees, but after an uproar, it was extended to  retired employees also. For both the C2/Y10 zonal pass charge was  waived, but the C1/J10 was 3x times the normal rate.

Polls  & Petitions followed then in 2012/3, the then Snr VP of HR (in  charge of travel and employee relations made the decision to respond and  level the paying field with C2/Y10-unlimited and C2/J09-limited for all  (active and retired) respecting DOJ Service/Seniority as the arbiter  for Travel Priority as to who got confirmed/seated/boarded.

Not  too long afterward 2013, we learned about the B1/JSAs for all  non-unionized staff (mgt/adm), who were gifted them for the pain and  sacrifices suffered.

Then in 2014, the ACPA active  pilots were gifted the B1/JSAs for long-term 10 year contracts. They  were promised (guaranteed) that no other unionized group would get  better/higher travel priorities than them.

This was followed by C1/JSAs for active employees of FAs-CUPE and SAs-IAMAW etc.

My  group of CSSAs-UNIFOR were not included in the "gifting" ostensibly  because we opted for a five (5) year contract (not 10), but since it was  not supposed to be part of a quid pro quo at the bargaining table, our  members pressed hard with petitions and letter-writing to the Company  and Union to restore equality and fairness. They acted and began "talks"  to address the issue.

The result in 2016 was that only "active" employees were gifted the C1/JSAs.

The  retired employees have been rightly complaining since and many upset at  being constantly being "bumped" by more junior staff while on standby.  They formed a lobby-group on Social Media and began reaching out to "all  whom it may concern" to right a wrong. No traction, so they reached out  to Joe Dennie  whom they knew had the wherewithal to spearhead and coordinate the  fight. He has broached all the stakeholders (AC Unions, AC Pionairs and  the Company heads, based the historic case he filed on behalf of a  member he presented in 1993 and was awarded a victory in 1994 which is  archived in the JA-LAC federal courts of competent jurisprudence.

We'll see how this plays out, but anyone who knows Joe, the way I do, knows he will win again and justice will prevail.

 Holly Andreosso  Bravo! Thank you & I do hope they will "see the light"...! So important everyone is in the same boat. Strength in numbers!! 

 JohnandSandra Reardon  That  we have someone with integrity and dedication to this cause gives me  hope!!! Thank you for your passion and time on all our behalf!! 

 Shannon Mouck  People  with experience and knowledge of the system and the passion to right a  wrong done by a company and unions that We have built with passion, will  all be needed to somehow find a solution to this unacceptable  situation. I am truly glad of anyone willing to put themselves out there  to fight that fight.  On my own behalf I wish you the very best. 


Aline Arseneault  Magnifique......

Karen Henderson  Thanks!  Well said!

 Hann  Thank you for your time and heart.

Donna Gould  Thank you for your time and expertise

Maria Liut  High five Joe. Thank you for all your time and effort to help all of us. Respect


How can I join?

You can join by visiting our website at www.aircanada-sos.com

On the site you can hit the sign-up button or the send button

How much does it cost?

It will cost each member $50.00, which is a membership donation fee.

Where do I send the money?

You can send the money  to sarmiento1945@gmail.com,  by  electronic email  transfer

Royal Mail.


960 Royal Dornoch Drive

Qualicum Beach BC

V(K 1E!

Howl long do you believe this will take to reach a decision?

That is difficult to determine. I have great trust on our Judicial system.

That said, it is slow. However Air Canada may come to their senses at some point and agree to talk.

That door has a crack in it and I am confident it will happen.

The other option may be once  legal action has commenced, they may want to enter into discussions.